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My Australia

                                                                    By Steve Mendl

I come from the land Down Under-  
Australia's where I dwell,

Where rivers flow and the sunset's glow-

And where the weather can be as harsh as hell,

From the devastating rains that fall-

To the long and dusty droughts,

To the scorching fires raging through the trees-

That has me saying, "Well what's that all about?

It's a land where the country can rise and fall-

And is never short of space,

Where you can kick a footy a country mile-

See a brumby bolt at pace,

Where the Southern Cross, it's five stars shine,

Moves with grace across the sky,

And the Nullabor Plain so flat and wide-

Lies barren, bare and dry.


From the Bungle, Bungle Ranges-

To the Uluru Rock I know,

Australia is a land been roamed-

For forty thousand years or so.

It's a land where you can make a difference-

Put a smile upon a face,

By telling an Aussie joke or two-

Or have a Bar-B with some mates,

Some people say the land of Oz-

Is the luckiest place on earth,

Well, I have only one word to say-

And that word is "k'noath.

I love my Aussie homeland-

With all my heart and soul,

And I wouldn't live anywhere else-

Throughout this vast and different world,

N' why? I hear you ask-

With minds both young and old,

Cause down under is more precious to me-

Than any amount of gold.

I come from the land Down Under-

Australia's where I live,

I'm proud to be an Aussie-

And I've had a chance to give,

You some of my thoughts on this fine day-

About my Aussie homeland,

that sometimes seems so far away,

N' although the land of Oz and I

May sometimes be apart,

I never leave my Aussie home-

It's here,

Inside my heart.


2 B Aussie

                                                                    By Steve Mendl


2 B Aussie is not where you live,

2 B Aussie is not your skin,

2 B Aussie is a feeling that comes from deep within.

Every time you here the anthem,

When you come home from overseas,

Every time you see the green and gold,

N' our flag, dynamic in the breeze.

2 B Aussie is the pride

You show from day to day,

In yourself, your work, your country,

With a passion that never wanes.

2 B Aussie is the tear you shed in victory and in pain,

When our team brings home the golden prize,

When a stranger weeps in vain.

2 B Aussie is a sense of belonging,

2 B Aussie is a sense of worth,

2 B Aussie is the knowledge you live,

In the greatest land on earth.

When it's all put very simply,

2 B Aussie means just one thing,

It's the pride you feel deep in your heart,

It's to be Australian from within.
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