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A Deeper Look at Your Life and Your Passions

Using the metaphor of a compass (both visible aspects and unseen energetic aspects), Steve uniquely explores the four cardinal points of PASSION:
- Your Values

- Your Beliefs

- Your Perspectives,and

- Your ACTIONS (Actioneering towards a future you desire).
When you align each of the four components in your life, Great Outcomes result.

This potent seminar (or presentation) explores where you really want to get to in life. Utilising your innate passions, you will discover (or rediscover) the life and the experiences you truly desire and learn to handle any previous limitations to getting you there.

If you're looking for clarity, direction, or simply feel you're not where you want to be, this seminar (or presentation) is just the thing you need to set you on course again.

On this powerful journey, Steve provides insights into how you can access your own model of the world in order to be navigating towards your personal ‘True North'.

Steve investigates Values. You will discover (or rediscover) what is truly important to you.

On the opposite side of the compass lie your Beliefs. When your current Beliefs are aligned with your values you have a sense that you are moving in the right direction. Steve will look at how to create supporting Beliefs for your Values.

Perspective is the lens that you see life through. By focusing on the positive aspects of your life, Steve powerfully illustrates a simple strategy that can help you maintain a grounded perspective on life.

Leading the other cardinal points is ACTION. ACTIONeering encapsulates the visions, the goals and the actions that will lead you towards where you want to be in your short, mid-term and long-term future.

By the end of this short journey with Steve you will have a tool that you can utilise and re-visit time and time again to ensure that you are truly allowing ‘Passion to be your Compass'.

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