Steve Mendl...

Steve Mendl is an extra-ordinary and inspiring speaker,
presenter, transition coach and executive mentor.


Steve masterfully changes between facilitator, educator and comedian with an  ability to adapt to his audiences and clients. One thing you can be assured of, is that Steve will entertain you while he educates.

Having coached and mentored over 800 people through career transition, conducted hundreds of international webinars and workshops, and been diagnosed with Leukaemia at the age of 12, Steve Mendl knows about living life with passion and he is the first to acknowledge that he is one of the most fortunate people on the face of planet earth. 

Steve has spent much of his life behind a microphone, serving the community and travelling the world. From the United Kingdom to the Middle East, from Peru to Mexico and from Japan to the Solomon Islands, Steve has a comprehensive insight into many different cultures and their values and beliefs regarding living a life with passion. From Steve's experiences and travels he has identified four common elements of ‘Passion' which he likens to our internal ‘Compass for Passion'.

Steve's vocational background is extremely colourful. From fashion designer to educator, from radio presenter to business/career transition coach and executive mentor, and from music DJ to National President of CanTeen (an organization for young people living with cancer), Steve has explored many different occupations in order to express his ‘passion for life' according to his own internal compass.

His achievements are plentiful and extremely diverse including: 

-Keynote speaker at Australia Day ceremonies throughout Australia 

-Various TV appearances including 60 minutes, A Country Practice (very short) and Channel 9 News 

-NSW Young Achiever of the Year for Community Service

-Young Australian Achiever of the Year Award 

More recently he has spent time in the Middle East (the UAE) where he arrived as a business and economics teacher and left as one of the Arabian Gulf's best known music and radio DJ's. In 2007, Steve's passion for music was acknowledged as he received the coveted Mr Bo Jangles DJ/MC of the Year Award.

Steve's insight into living a life of ‘passion' leaves his audiences and his coaching client's with more than a few thoughts to ponder as he presents Let Passion Be Your Compass in a very entertaining yet powerful way. His own blend of 'edutainment' will have you appreciating a serious topic in a light hearted way.





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